Pest Control

In the state of California, an individual using dogs to detect bedbugs or rats/mice, must be licensed with the Structural Pest Control Board at the Field Representative level.  In addition, they must provide theses services while working as an employee or owner of a Registered Pest Control Company.  We are proud to say that Canine Detection Services as a corporation and their Canine Handlers as individuals have met these legal requirements.  Our bed bug detection canine/handler teams hold third-party certification with the World Detector Dog Organization.

Bed Bug Detection

Canine bedbug detection has been demonstrated to be 85-95% accurate. This keen sense of smell can assist visual inspections done by our licensed pest control professionals because they can move quickly through a facility as well as smell the unseen. Is your pest control company using detection canines?

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Rat Abatement

Terrier dogs have been bred for centuries to hunt vermin of all types. Commercial Rat Abatement services are successfully operated on the East Coast of the United States as well as in the UK. We aim to provide this service on the West Coast by the end of 2017 and are utilizing high drive rescued terriers and Patterdale terriers.

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Professional Associations

We are Proud Members of PCOC and NPMA

National Pest Management Association International

Pest Control Operators Of California